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Cancers of Digestive tract

With increase in life expectancy, more and more people suffer from cancers of G.I. tract. However, no
age is immune to it and we do see young patients present with advanced Cancers.
Cancer Surgery require high degree of proficiency, advanced imaging facility (e.g. CT scan / MRI) and
dedicated team of doctors from various speciality to achieve long term survival.
We perform procedures like Whipple’s resection (for Pancreatic cancer), Low anterior resection (rectal
Cancer), Gastrectomy (Stomach Cancer) and Esophagectomy (Esophageal Cancer) with result
comparable to best centers of world.


Gastro-Intestinal Tract Malignany like Colo-Rectal Cancers, Pancreatic Head Tumor and Esophageal Malignancy shows better outcome in hands of trained surgeons in high volume centre.