Abdominal organ injury can be caused by road traffic accident , fall from height , blunt or sharp object injury and even by fire arm. These can present along with other organ system injury or alone. Trauma management differs from other disease management as often the disease is unrecognized. Patient  needs to be nursed in high dependency unit , multiple serial examinations are needed to pick up evolving injury , multi disciplinary approach and wide variety of diagnostic tools. Often these facilities may not be available to nearest hospital where patient is usually rushed to it. After stablisation and primary care , patient can be shifted to a better equipped center , where surgical expertise to deal with these is available. Trauma to Liver , Pancreas , Duodenum , esophagus, pelvic organs and perineum can be demanding. They require sound decision making and multi-modality approach in management.

We have been managing these cases for last five years with results comparable to best of center.