Ano-rectal problems like Piles , Fissure- in ano , Fistula- in ano , prolapse of rectum and even cancers of colo-rectum are often neglected . Considerable population of patients never seek opinion from a qualified medical professional for these and suffer unnecessarily. Often these disease are taken incurable . some times cancers of rectum and anal canal are falsely treated as Piles and fistula , allowing time for cancer to spread.

It should be understood that these disease can also be managed by medicines and surgery depending up on the stage of disease with high success rates.

Modern imaging like MRI/CT scan allow us better assessment , while use of latest technologies like stapler make surgical options more patient friendly. By the use of Stapler , operation of Piles (  Haemorrhoids ) can be done in less painful way. Like wise use of Stapler for anastomosis  allow us to make joint deep in pelvis and thus avoid creating permanent stoma . ( Colostomy, artificial passage for motion )