We have a more than a decade of experience of managing pancreatic disease , both non
cancerous and cancerous ( Benign and Malignant).

Starting from acute pancreatitis , which requires multi displinary approach and surgical
intervention mostly after three weeks , to chronic pancreatitis and various complications
arising out of it .we have successfully managed all of them.
We have been treating pancreatic trauma , which requires not only surgical skills but also
astute decision making.
Cancers of Pancreas and adjacent area ( Periampullary cancer ) remain one of most
challenging problems of surgery . While Distal pancreatectomy could be carried out with
relative ease , whipple ‘s resection is a major undertaking , where surgical skills of highest
order along with good back up facility are needed. Unfortunately most of the patients present
at a late stages making the outlook even poorer . Few of our patients , who came to us at early
stages and undergone surgery had very satisfying results with good quality of life.